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We’re proud to say you’re not the only ones working hard to put smiles on faces. When looking for dental fit-out companies, Profile Interiors provides that specialist service solution to give your practice the shine you need. Call us today to talk about a dental office fit-out that will make you smile.

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Our Dental Fit Out Services

At Profile Interiors, we know all about taking care of the things that matter. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve been honing our expertise in quality fit-out services. We specialise in customised designs and professional builds, including dental office fit-outs, dental clinic and dental surgery fit-outs, and general practice projects. Contact us to get started on your project.

With the number of dental practices across the CBD and surrounding areas, Profile Interiors understands dental fit-outs in Melbourne and beyond are about redefining and revitalising your space to benefit new patients and staff alike. As healthcare professionals, your employees need a work environment that is clean and streamlined for ease and efficiency. Your patients want an inviting and reassuring space that emphasises your professionalism and quality of care.

Whether you’re giving that extra polish or really getting to the roots of workspace issues, we have the solution you’ve looking for. Give us a call today.

Your dental office fit-out experience doesn’t have to be a pain. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive fit-out service that’s effective, functional, and time-efficient. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, our experienced team of experts can cover all areas and aspects of your dental fit-out project goals.

Our all-inclusive solution for your dental practice fit-out begins with an initial consultation to understand your vision and establish timeframes, costs and workflow. We progress through the creative and designing stage with you, and culminate in quality construction and prompt project delivery for your workspace renovation. Ask us more about how we can tailor our dental clinic fit-out process to suit you.

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About Profile Interiors

We’re known and trusted in office renovations Melbourne-wide and nationally for developing strong client relationships that deliver uniquely tailored design solutions. 

Our creative, responsive and focused staff will complete your fitout on time and within budget. Contact us today to discuss your office renovation ideas.

A Complete Solution

Other Solutions For You

Profile Interiors can offer you an extensive range of service solutions for your workplace renewal.

We provide the option of incorporating our sustainable fitout services when fitting out your new office. That is, we utilise eco-friendly, sustainable materials and practices to create energy and water efficiency. This minimises waste and ensures your business is as friendly to the environment as possible.

Additionally, we offer industry-specific fitout solutions such as medical and dental clinic fitouts and other commercial fitout services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a dental office fit-out and a dental clinic fit-out?

If your workspace is a dental clinic, you may be looking to focus on a more efficient use of limited space or ease of access for emergency after-hours care.

If your workspace is a dental office, you may require traffic-flow improvement for your staff and patients, or key areas re-fitted for new and more specialised procedures and equipment.

Chat with us to learn how we can customise a dental fit-out service to fit your needs.

How much does a dental fit-out cost?

The size of your workspace, the services you offer, the number of staff you employ, the volume of patients you care for, and the timeline your business needs will all impact the cost of your quality dental practice fit-out.

At Profile Interiors, we can answer all your questions about your project’s unique fit-out goals.

How long does a dental fit-out project take?

Your practice, your staff, and your patients come first. Creating a project schedule that minimises interruptions to your work is vital. We tailor our fit-out project deadlines to fit your business timelines. Consult with us about a work schedule that works for you.

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