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Is your workplace feeling drab or outdated? At Profile Interiors, we know that image is only part of the equation. 

Whether you require small works to adjust your office space or have a commercial office refurbishment project, we provide an
extensive range of interior solutions
to create workplaces that impress and excite.

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Our Office Refurbishment Services

Our design team will listen to your business needs and understand your project goals. 

We create an interior design that fits your brand while meeting your timeline and budget. Read on to see how we can help refresh your workspace.

Our office refurbishment specialists carry out a detailed analysis of your office space usage and assess it against your current business practices.

Using our industry expertise and experience, we will understand your company’s brand personality. We ensure your business needs are met with a tailored package to maximise your available space and accommodate future growth.

Better planning also saves money, especially if your new office layout enables you to do more with less.

Our sustainable approach to interior office refurbishment ensures your project adheres to environmental regulations and follows best practices. We help you meet sustainability objectives and all Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements.

When planning your office layout, we work with you to decide the most productive way to arrange the space. Some zones work best as an open plan, while others require more privacy, such as cubicles or meeting rooms.

Implementing sustainable design measures that optimise thermal comfort, indoor air quality and natural light can ultimately provide more efficient energy use for your office. The result will help minimise your running expenses for the long term.

These internal factors are vital to your team’s well-being and productivity. In developing office refurbishment ideas for your business, we strive to design your workspace with an eye for detail that supports your team’s interactions with one another and their work environment.

Contemporary office refurbishment design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your workplace and, in turn, lifts your professional image with clients and visitors.

A commercial office refurbishment can be a more cost-effective solution rather than undertaking a complete office renovation. Whether you’re considering cosmetic changes such as flooring and painting or a complete makeover, get in touch to schedule an initial discussion. We can help you achieve your refurbished office project from initial concept to completed fitout. 

Your office refurbishment service should transform your space with:

  • Enhanced workplace culture 
  • Attractive design aesthetic
  • Inspired creativity
  • Improved communication 
  • Effortless comfort
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality first impression of the business to clients and business associates.

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About Profile Interiors

We’re known and trusted in office renovations Melbourne-wide and nationally for developing strong client relationships that deliver uniquely tailored design solutions. 

Our creative, responsive and focused staff will complete your fitout on time and within budget. Contact us today to discuss your office renovation ideas.

A Complete Solution

Other Solutions For You

Profile Interiors can offer you an extensive range of service solutions for your workplace renewal.

We provide the option of incorporating our sustainable fitout services when fitting out your new office. That is, we utilise eco-friendly, sustainable materials and practices to create energy and water efficiency. This minimises waste and ensures your business is as friendly to the environment as possible.

Additionally, we offer industry-specific fitout solutions such as medical and dental clinic fitouts and other commercial fitout services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is office refurbishment?

Office refurbishment is the process of renewing a lived-in office space that has become outdated or lacks resources and needs a redesign to suit current workplace requirements.

How much does an office refurbishment cost?

The cost varies depending on the amount of construction work required, safety considerations and the cost of fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Why does an office need to be refurbished?

Over the years, a workplace can become outdated and needs to be refreshed for efficient workplace functions. A company’s brand may need renewal in keeping with its current direction.

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