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What Is A Commercial Fit Out?

A commercial fit-out is a process of customising and transforming an existing commercial space into a functional and practical workspace that meets the specific needs of your business. This may involve redesigning the interior layout, installing new electrical and lighting systems, adding partition walls, installing new flooring, and integrating new furniture and fixtures.

Different Types Of Commercial Fit-Outs and Categories

  • Category A Fit-Out: A Category A fit-out typically involves the basic building required to make a commercial space ready for occupation. This can include services such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and fire protection systems.


  • Category B Fit-Out: Category B is a more detailed and bespoke fit-out.  We go about customising a commercial space to meet the specific needs of your business. This can include everything from partitioning, flooring, and ceilings, to furniture, fixtures, and equipment.


  • Shell and Core Fit-Out: A shell and core fit-out comprises the creation of the basic structure of a commercial space, such as the walls, floors, and ceilings. However, it does not include any finishes or services. This allows you to customise the space to your desired requirements.
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Who Needs Commercial Fit-Out Design And Services?

Commercial fit-out design and services are required by a wide range of businesses and organisations, including:

  • Start-ups: Start-up businesses may require a commercial fit-out to create a workspace that reflects their brand and culture, and provides the necessary facilities to support their operations.

  • Growing Businesses: As businesses grow, they may need to expand their workspace or upgrade their existing facilities to accommodate new employees or equipment.

  • Relocating Businesses: Businesses that are relocating to a new building or premises may require a commercial fit-out to customise the space to their specific needs and requirements.

Benefits Of A Well-Designed Commercial Fit Out

A well-designed commercial fit-out can provide numerous benefits to businesses, including:

  • Increased Productivity: A well-designed commercial fit-out can create a workspace that is functional and efficient and one which can help to improve employee productivity and engagement.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: A commercial fit-out from Profile Interiors can be customised to reflect your business’s brand and culture, creating a professional and consistent image that can help to enhance brand recognition and loyalty with your clients.

  • Improved Customer Experience: We can create a welcoming and attractive environment that enhances the customer experience.

  • Optimal Space Utilisation: A commercial fit-out can be designed to maximize the use of available space, making it more efficient and reducing wasted space.

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: A well-designed commercial fit-out can create a comfortable and inspiring workspace that supports employee well-being and job satisfaction.

Cost Savings: You can incorporate energy-efficient systems and equipment, that can help to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs over time.

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Our Specialised Commercial Fit-Out Process

Profile Interiors has a solid 5-step method to deliver you the best commercial fit-out you’ll ever see.

  1. Consultation. We meet with you and get to know your business and your needs. We listen to your vision, and how you see your business to be after the fit-out. Are there any specialised components or looks that you want?

  2. Project Scope. We are very thorough with our scope, from the floor plan to all the materials we will need to finish the project. We work with you at this stage – what lighting do you want, the style of flooring, did you want tinted windows?

  3. Planning & Design. This is where we work closely with you. We want you to be happy with the final result, so we get approval from you, and we keep you updated on the progress.

  4. Project Delivery and Management. We manage all aspects of construction and refurbishment and guarantee the project will be delivered on time.

  5. Post-project care. Once we’re done, we’re not going to abandon you. We’re available for advice, added extras and more.

Our Team Of Commercial Fit Out Contractors And Specialists

The Profile Interiors team has been serving up high-quality commercial fit-outs for over 25 years. 

We listen to you and understand what you want in your commercial space, and then our expert tradespeople will deliver top-quality construction.

We work with you, to design and create the ultimate space to work in, to show off your products and services to prospective clients. We will help build your brand and your business.

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About Profile Interiors

We’re known and trusted in office renovations Melbourne-wide and nationally for developing strong client relationships that deliver uniquely tailored design solutions. 

Our creative, responsive and focused staff will complete your fitout on time and within budget. Contact us today to discuss your office renovation ideas.

A Complete Solution

Other Solutions For You

Profile Interiors can offer you an extensive range of service solutions for your workplace renewal.

We provide the option of incorporating our sustainable fitout services when fitting out your new office. That is, we utilise eco-friendly, sustainable materials and practices to create energy and water efficiency. This minimises waste and ensures your business is as friendly to the environment as possible.

Additionally, we offer industry-specific fitout solutions such as medical and dental clinic fitouts and other commercial fitout services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial fit out?

The term ‘fit out’ is often used to describe the process of making the interior space of a building suitable for a tenant to occupy. It can include interior walls, plastering, electrical, flooring, decoration, lighting, mechanical installations, or any other improvements made to the interior of premises.

How much does a commercial fit out cost?

The cost of a project depends on the size and complexity of the project, naturally. Speak with our team, and we can give you an initial estimate.

What can you request for fit outs in commercial leases?

Tenants can negotiate a range of fit-out provisions in commercial leases to customise the space to their specific needs and requirements. We ensure compliance with building codes and regulations, and clarify responsibilities for maintenance, repair, and removal of the fit-out.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Planning A Commercial Fit Out?

There are many things you can consider when planning your commercial fit-out.

Purpose of the Space: This will influence the layout, design, and functionality of the fit-out. 

Brand and Culture: The fit-out should be designed to reflect your brand and culture, creating a consistent image and reinforcing the company's values and messaging.

Budget: The budget will determine the scope and extent of the fit-out, including the quality of materials, finishes, and equipment that can be incorporated.

Timeline: The timeline for the fit-out should be established early in the planning process.

Flexibility: The fit-out should be designed to accommodate future changes or expansion.

Sustainability: Your fit-out should be designed to incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient systems and equipment, to reduce environmental impact and operating costs over time.

How Can I Ensure My Commercial Fit Out Meets Safety Regulations?

You can trust Profile Interiors to abide by all safety codes and regulations. To be sure, you can familiarise yourself with the relevant codes as well.

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