Office Refurbishment

Profile Interiors are the most trusted name for office refurbishments in Melbourne, due to our innovative ideas and layouts. Our Melbourne office refurbishments not only to make your office look better but also make it function more effectively. Profile Interiors’ office refurbishment in Melbourne allows you to reap all these benefits, just by transforming the look of your workplace. Our design team will work in harmony with your team to develop your Melbourne office refurbishment concept in accordance with your brief and budget.

    Results of a Melbourne Office Refurbishment

  • Improved teamwork
  • Improved comfort
  • More attractive work space
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved communication
  • Quality first impression of the business to clients, and business associates.

Commercial Office Refurbishment: A New Work Space

Creating more intimate smaller spaces with lowered ceilings might reduce heating costs, but cut out a good deal of natural light. Not only does natural light contribute to increased employee well-being and productivity, but is significantly less costly than the daytime use of artificial lighting.

Environmental Factors

Profile Interiors also complies with all Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements and is committed in principle and practice to the protection of the environment. We ensure environmental responsibility in all our Melbourne office refurbishment activities.

You need to consider the needs of your employees, the number of employees, private offices, cubicles, and storage areas required when planning your office refurbishment in Melbourne. You want to plan your space so it is not too cramped or wasted. Your employees need to feel comfortable in order to work productively, which can be achieved through our Melbourne office refurbishment services.

Office Renovations in Melbourne

Other important factors to consider for your commercial office renovation in Melbourne are thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and natural lighting. These are the aspects of indoor space which are the most important for employees’ wellbeing. Large spaces with high ceilings, glass walls and open areas can look good, but when it comes to heating, they can prove to be very costly, meaning you need to hire the best in Melbourne for office renovation to remedy these issues.

Our Office Refurbishment Analysis

Profile Interiors’ Melbourne office renovations team can carry out a detailed report to identify how you can make best use of your space and prepare an estimated cost. Once we’ve completed the workflow analysis, we begin planning for how to maximise your space.

When discussing your Melbourne office renovation, we take into consideration your work culture, budget, personal and professional aesthetics, equipment needs and future growth plans, to create space layouts and floor plans to meet the needs of every client.

An open floor plan, natural light, functional furniture, informal meeting rooms and roomier space will allow increase in productivity and a better bottom line, and must be considered for your Melbourne office renovation. Traditional commercial office refurbishment designs sometimes have old fashioned furniture that limits space and productivity, which we make sure to avoid.

Office Interior Refurbishment

Office interior refurbishment and office renovations solutions by Profile Interiors for Melbourne clients – improving life at work!

Transform your office to stay in tune with the latest designs and trends – to stay on top of productivity and achievements and to meet the new challenges in an effective manner with our quality enhancing office interior refurbishment solutions for your Melbourne set-up.

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