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There are several reasons for an office interior fitout – upsizing, downsizing, maximising space, moving, or just a simple makeover to give your location a fresher, cleaner and newer feel. No matter what your reason for a new office design interior, come to Profile Interiors, the leading company for interior fitouts in Melbourne, to make sure your unique needs are met.

Office Interiors

Profile Interiors’ key staff have been specialists in office interior design and property refurbishment projects for over 30 years. Our company has demonstrated growth through building an enviable reputation for consistency, quality, detail and care – a reputation that has kept our customers coming back to us. We are proud of the skills of our interior fit out contractors, whether they are performing work on customer occupied sites or new developments. We pride ourselves on always operating to the highest possible standards for our office interior design. This dedication to quality is what has allowed us to become the best in the business for interior fitouts in Melbourne.

Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

Office Interior Designs

If you are moving premises, consider the need for new painting, partitions, carpets, furniture or workstations. This is a good time to get the office interior design done that you have always been wanting to, as if you are moving to a new location, you may as well make sure it is even better than the location you are leaving. Let us help you choose what is suitable for your office interior design in Melbourne. It is important that your clients feel that they have come to the right business, which you can achieve through the atmosphere that your office interior design creates.

As part of our Melbourne office interior design, are you considering new technology for your workspace? If you want a wireless network, you won’t need desktop PCs and may instead want large screen TVs in your boardroom and meeting rooms. You may want to have a soundproof room for recording podcasts or making video casts, which you need to consider when choosing an interior fit out contractor.

Commercial Ceilings: Ease of Modification

Change your Interior

Office interior design says a great deal about how a company perceives itself. For a company who looks to the future and wishes to be perceived as a business that is always advancing, having high quality, modern office interior design is important.

It is worth investing in forward thinking interiors because the more cutting edge and unique your office interior design is, the longer it will remain ‘in date’ and so will not need to be refurbished for a long time.

Interior Fit Out Contractors

One major aspect of office interiors is the reception. As the first point of contact for clients, potential clients and business associates, it is crucial that the right image is conveyed. The perfect way to do this is by choosing a striking interior fit out that impresses people and sets your business apart right from the moment they enter.

In these challenging economic times, it can be tempting to cut costs when it comes to office interior design, but the truth is that by investing properly in the best interior fit out contractors, materials and design aspects of office interiors, you can avoid later repairs and refurbishments. The appearance of your office is also directly linked to how many customers or clients you draw in, so by investing in your office interior design, you are investing in your business overall.


If your office interior design looks highly modern, cutting edge, expensive and of high quality – then your visitors will assume two things:

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  • Firstly, they’ll get the impression that you are a forward-thinking company that invests in the newest technology and designs. This will naturally lead them to think that this way of doing things also extends into how you conduct your business.
  • Secondly, if your office interior design is of a superior quality, visitors will assume you are a financially successful business and be more inclined to invest in your or to conduct business with you.

The Process

step 1 Enquire Tell us the vision you have in your mind for your office space.
step 2 Design-Planning Leave it to our experts to plan out the perfect design just the way you want it.
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step 3 Free Quote Look at the design and approve it after which we give you a free quote with no hidden costs.
Project Scheduling
step 4 Project Scheduling After getting a green signal from you, we schedule to turn your vision into reality.
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