Creating professional & effective work spaces

Glass Partitions

Office glass partitions can add privacy, screening and visual interest. Profile Interiors can construct glass office partition walls in various sizes using different materials including timber and veneer panelling to create a style unique to you.

Using glazed glass office partition walls, we create a modern and spacious design that capitalises on natural light. Window blinds or opaque films can be installed to create privacy when required, and offer clear or frosted office glass partitions.


Frameless Office Partitioning

Frameless office partitioning has a clear aesthetic value bringing both a modern and contemporary feel to your working environment, providing full height glass partition walls, screens, and room dividers for offices. This wide variety of options is what makes us the best in office glass partitions in Melbourne.The use of subtle lighting on the glazed glass partition walls, plus creative detailing and corporate colours and logos, can add style and panache to the final design.An accurate quotation for office partitioning will be based on site specific details including location, access etc. ensuring you get high quality office glass partitions for a fair price.

Glass and Office Partition Walls

If you have a sketch or drawing please feel free to email this along with any other relevant details that will assist us in providing you with competitive, accurate costings.

Profile Interiors are one of the leading providers of office glass partitions in Melbourne. Our top-quality glass office partitions help in reducing the distance between your management and staff by making offices visually accessible as well as creating an open feeling. They also help in creating delicacy and elegance in your office ambiance, all the while providing a good level of privacy as well.

Our office glass partitions improve productivity by making employees more vigilant and responsible and encourage them to maintain office etiquette due to the improved visibility between offices.

Our office glass partitions enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your office unlike any other product. Our products help in dividing workspaces effectively without making the office space feel restrictive.

There is no limit on the creativity of our designs. To discuss possible glass office partitions designs that may be ideal for your office, give the experts in office glass partitions in Melbourne a call!