Office Doors

There are many options when it comes to office doors, but which one is right for you and your workplace.

The semi-solid core door is the most cost effective type of that can be hung in an office. We use these products because they are the easiest to cut down on site as office ceilings are always at different heights and you would have noticed that unlike your home most office doors run from floor to ceiling. A semi-solid core door also has a very good acoustic rating.

Office Doors

  • Framed glass aluminium doors, whether they are sliding or hinged can add an element of sophistication to any office boardroom or workspace. They can help to make an office appear more open than it really is, however they are more expensive than a standard solid core door.
  • Pre-finished office doors are generally around 32mm to 35mm thick; they can be finished in a slightly dearer polished timber or even a cost effective laminate finish. The biggest advantage of the pre-finished product is that there is no painting on site
  • Frameless office glass doors offer a sense of style that is hard to match with other entry type doors. Whilst they are essentially the most expensive type of door due to their toughened glass construction and cost of fittings and hardware, the look they can give to a reception or boardroom is stunning.
  • Special applications such as fire door systems, security and sound rated solutions, all designed to various Australian Standards to fit in with their intended application.

Most workplaces will incorporate many types of doors within the one fit-out, the aim is to get the balance right and to use the right door for the right application.

Office Door

Frameless Office Glass Doors

Our Door Range Includes

  • Aluminium
  • Lightweight MDF
  • Heavy duty
  • Solid core acoustic
  • Half-light doors
  • Rebated double
  • Timber veneer
  • Viewing panel
  • Sliding door systems
  • Huge range of door furniture

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Office Glass Doors

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